Wellbeing for miners

Using a COVID19 safe online assessment system we apply a deep rooted method to provide mental health awareness to miners across Australia.  The assessment is specific to your site and covers understanding on the types of mental illnesses, support available, who it affects and positive steps for good well being.

The mining industry is incredibly large, employing over 150,000 people across Australia

While the financial incentives can be rewarding, conditions on the ground are particularly difficult, creating an environment where mental health conditions can emerge.

The mining industry offers one of the more challenging work environments in Australia. Such is the nature of the working conditions that the mining industry experiences one of the highest rates of mental health conditions among employees.

Not only does this impact on the wellbeing of employees, but it also has a significant impact on the success of a business.

Suicide arises from a complex interaction between many vulnerabilities, risk factors and triggers in a person’s life. However, suicide can also be influenced by social and economic circumstances and differences between cultures and individuals’ experiences in society.

It is not easy to understand what compels a person to take their own life, especially for those who have never experienced such overwhelming feelings. Accurate information about suicide is important in order to identify those who may need more support and to debunk some common myths about suicide.

At MineFlex we are aware of the ongoing challenges faced by workers in the mining industry. We are specifically focused on suicide prevention and coping mechanisms for mine related work.

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