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We’ve answered a few common questions & queries we get on a day-to-day basis. If you have a different question, contact MineFlex today!

Either in the Boom (high coal prices) or just after the bust (low coal prices). For more info we’ve made an informative video about this topic below.

Entry level miners will earn between $90,000 – $150,000. Rosters can be an influencing factor eg two weeks on, one week off will pay more of course.

Most camps provide you with a donga style accommodation which is a room with a bathroom, tv, small kitchenette and air conditioning. Food is provided from morning to night in a large kitchen area and they cater for many different dietary requirements. A good selection of foods are available from these kitchens for lunch and dinner depending on your shift.

There is generally a 24 hour gym which is free on most sites. There are also laundry facilities for you to use.

Alcohol can be purchased on most sites at your own cost.

While any skill is nice to have on your resume not all entry level jobs require you to spend money obtaining a HR license. For instance, the operation of a dump truck is quite different to the operation of a heavy rigid truck. In terms of movement, driving an automatic car is the same process as driving a haul truck.  There are training companies that tell you it is a must however it all depends what roles you are considering.

Realistically there can be at least 3 contributing factors for successful entry into the mining industry.

  1. Timing
  2. Having a good contact within the industry.
  3. Getting an interview and being able to answer mine related questions at the interview.
    We recognise that we can’t do anything in relation to timing but by completing the Introduction To Mining package you will gain the knowledge and understanding for a successful interview while also establishing a vital contact to the mining industry. You will go to the top of a very long queue for when the timing is right.

Very simple, we are by far the most inexpensive and effective vehicle for the person looking for an opportunity to work in the mines.

I keep a close eye on all states.  If your state is not listed it means that an online course is currently being developed with up to date information and will be available soon. Please enquire here for more information

Enquiry about my state

Some WA mines require a police check before application however for the majority they don’t ask.

Hiring companies generally organise these in groups when intaking. Once again, save your dollars.

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Frequently Asked Questions